Saturday, 12 November 2016

Cameroon - National Assembly - Senate President frowns at the poor states of roads, electricity and water, and cautions Government to be more watchful on contractors

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Senate President. Marcel Nyiat Njifenji

Wounds from the Friday Oct. 21st Eseka train crash are still very fresh in the hearts of Cameroonians, even though people are struggling to move on with the wounds that won't be scared too soon.

Speaking during the opening of the last parliamentary session of the year, Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji said there were "various breaches and other dysfunctions in the chain of decision".

"This derailment that occurred after the collapse of a drain along the national road linking the two principal cities of our country makes us to question the responsibility of each other in the management, dialogue, follow-up and maintenance of certain essential infrastructures for the development of our country" President Nyiat said.

Even though he did not directly accuse finger to anybody, the Senate President underlined that "there were various breaches and other dysfunctions in the chain of decision". But that they are waiting for the outcome of the the investigating committee created by the Head of State President Paul Biya.

The President of the Upper House of the people also talked about the poor state of infrastructures in Cameroon as a whole. "It is like that with the situation of certain major roads in the economy of our country, especially the highways of Yaounde-Bafoussam, Babadjou-Bamenda and many others" he pointed out.

Nyiat denounced "the carelessness in the maintenance network of the transport, the distribution of electricity and water sectors, whose advanced degrading states needs immediate rehabilitation".

He finally cautioned the Government to "be more demanding, more watchful and to look more further" into the companies and organizations responsible for ensuring that the 'required specifications' are respected. "Everyone must respect his engagements." He concluded.

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