Thursday, 10 November 2016

Cameroon - Military Forces take Kumba town hostage to stop protest - #JusticeForAnglophoneCameroon #CameroonLawyersMarch

Report says Military Forces have  invaded the town of Kumba in a bid to intimidate protesting lawyers.

Prior to the police brutality on Common Law Lawyers,  in Buea and Bamenda, the population of Kumba are  witnessing an early morning troop deployment of gun-totting policemen and gendarmes apparently to prevent and planned protest by lawyers.

Lawyers gathered after Muyuka's successful protest

Lawyers in Limbe and Muyuka peacefully and successfully took their messages to the street, surprising the military watchdogs, who thought they could be omnipresent to disrupt legality.

The lawyers are opposing to what they describe as the assimilation of common law by the French civil law system. 

They are also opposing to the non respect of their call for dialogue.

How long will the Government stay quiet. Prime Minister Philemon Yang, Pa Peter Mafany Musonge, Pa Achidi Achu are you there?


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