Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cameroon - "The intimacy of Biya" - Everything you didn't know about Paul Biya - "He calls his wife Mme President" but is more afraid of the media than Ebola

His ill health, his relationship with God and his frequent trips to Switzerland", are among other topics on the investigation that 'Jeune Afrique Magazine' has published on the intimacy of the Head of State of Cameroon.

November 6 1982 - November 6 2016. 34 years since President Paul Biya ascended the throne of the Supreme Magistracy of Cameroon. While Biya and his militants are celebrating his 34th anniversary in power, the Panafrican daily magazine "Jeune Afrique" in kiosk this day November 6, 2016 reveals special facts about the Head of State who is very secretive. His wife that he calls 'Mme President', his children, Franck Biya who is a business man, his relationship with God, his ill health.

According to the Editor in Chief of the magazine Francois Soudain,  Jeune Afrique commented on this topic yesterday morning at RFI. "Paul Biya is a president who is secretive. lonely, never present nor absent,  often despairing of activities, but in reality constantly awake, and avoids the press as much as others run away from Ebola. He is intelligent, charming in private, a smart controller, manages the government remotely, but never by procuration. He is someone who is obsessed by civil peace. If he could freeze  Cameroon  and vitrify Cameroon and Cameroonians, he would do it". Francois Soudain concluded.

"The Intimacy of Biya" is the title of the investigation that will reveal everything about the President of Cameroon, without asking, His family life, networks, money, health, belief, hobbies, daily life etc..

For example, "The Office of the President at the Unity Palace has no TV set, but has a transistor that shifts from radio programs to classical music. The President listens to Beethoven or Handel, classical music inherited from his priestly formation at the Fathers of the Holy Spirit and his stay in the Akono Minor Seminary. Monastic silence surrounds him in the early hours of his office.
After being restored, Paul Biya begins his task of the day. He has never been seen in his office without his dark breasted suit, even at night. He swaps it against a safari jacket  and a scarf" says the author of this investigation Georges Dougueli.

We shall bring you details of this investigation about President Biya's life, by the end of the day. You won't want to miss the opportunity of knowing where and how Biya sleeps, and what he does in and out of Cameroon. Stay tuned.

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