Sunday, 13 November 2016

Cameroon - Indomitable Lions - Journalists frustrates Head Coach Hugo Broos to tears

After the frustrated 1-1 draw match between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the Chipolopolos of Zambia, the Head Coach of the Indomitable Lions Hugo Broos was summoned to a court and jury of inquisitive and word punching journalists that left him infuriated and almost in tears.

The Press Conference that was exclusively for the Coach and his Technical Team excluding the players at his side, made him sweat tears in the hands answer seeking journalists with word punch questions on the lips.

Analysing the match, Broos said " We played poorly during the first half. During the half time, I spoke to the players in the dressing room, and the game changed during the second half. We must win all our home matches, but that does not mean everything about the match was poor".

"Mr. Bross why do you line up players who are less competitive(Moukandjo, Nkoulou etc..) over those who play in clubs?" . A journalist asked. 

"That is the problem with Cameroon. There are players who do not play in clubs in Europe. But what should I do?. That said, it is true that Moukandjo did not play the last two matches of the championship because of an injury. But I think Moukandjo can make a difference at any time, that is why I always put him in the line-up. If I consider only competitive players who are in clubs, it will be difficult to draw up a list of 18" Broos replied.

Hugo Broos Head Coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

Broos got red when he was asked about Choupo Moting who is injured and who people say he is not injured, but biasedly boycotted the match."Listen, if you say Choupo is not injured, you are lying. You are lyingIf you say Choupo is lying that he is inured, it means you can equally say Schalke's(Choupo's French Team) Doctor too is lying?  Don't start controversies on an injured player  Am sorry I am going to answer your question". Hugo Broos retorted angrily

Another question that irritated Broos the more  was when a journalist asked "Why do you allow Salli Edgar to play in Choupo Moting's place, Anatole Abang instead of Chistian Mougang Bassogog?". After a brief moment of silent, Broos replied; "I knew that after this result you will ask me this question. You should know that I am also disappointed. But if you talk about Choupo again, he was declared injured". Broos furiously replied, creating booings from journalists, to the extend that the Team Press Officer  had to threaten to interrupt the press conference for calm to return.

"Who asked about Choupo Moting after the match in Algeria? Nobody, because the results were good. Concerning Bassogog, if I had put him in the line-up and he didn't play well, you will be the first to criticize me". The already very angry coach concluded.¨

Even though the Lions did not lose the match, the frustrating 1-1 draw puts Cameroon in a very tight corner, as they must win Nigeria who is Leading Group B with 6 points already, to and fro, before they can dream of of crossing the line of the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Well, as we always say in French, "impossible n'est pas Camerounaises", we still have faith in the boys, as we hope the Coach brings in new tactics to motivate them to victory.

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