Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cameroon - Francophone Teachers Syndicate warns Prime Minister Philemon Yang of an impending strike

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Cameroon is paralyzed in all sectors, and warning bells keep signaling the government of imminent danger, as everyone is revendicating one thing or the other from the government.

Patience have expired, and negotiation doors are closing in all sectors, from Farmers,  Common Law Lawyers, to Anglophone Teachers, to 'Le Bus' personnel.....the list goes on and on and, with the most recent of the Francophone Teachers, giving the government one week to provide solution to their long tabled 2012 grievances, or block the doors of this academic year.

They want part time teachers to be fully integrated, reclassification of Teachers' Grades, sign a collective convention for private institutions among others.

Read their warning below:

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