Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Cameroon - Education - Attention! Attention! Attention! Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo says Information about ENS Bertoua is a SHAM

Minister of Higher Education - Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo

Rumors has been trending online about the creation of a Higher Teacher's Training Institution in Bertoua in the East Region of Cameroon, and some people have even gone to the extend of negotiating to obtain admission for themselves and their relatives.

The Minister of Higher Education  Jacques Fame Ndongo yesterday November 1 2016, sent out a Press Release cautioning Cameroonians to be aware that there is no such Institution, and call on them not to fall preys to  this sham organized by some 419ners to extort money from them.

The Press Release Reads:

The Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders informs the national and international public opinion that the false information circulating about the creation of a Higher Teachers Training Institution in Bertoua and the admission of  2505 students, upon review of documents is fake and baseless.

These rumors diffused through the Social Media is misleading parents and students, making them victims of an orchestrated scam organised by those who initiated this rumor.

The Minister of Higher Education is calling on all those who are tempted to listen to this rantings to categorical oppose and give a deaf ear to whoever will approach them with any such proposal diffused by cyber-communicants who careless about the University future of our youths.

Signed: Jacques Fame Ndongo
Minister of Higher Education

French Version below.

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