Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cameroon - Ebebda Accident update

Villagers at the accident site

Yesterday we reported on an accident that killed 9 women who were from prayers. However, the first report we had that the ladies were from praying at the Eseka Train crash site was not correct. The person who called us to give us the information was one of our faithful and reliable readers, who was travelling to  Yaounde from Bamenda, and witnessed the accident. With the commotion at the site,  he said everyone at that time was saying the ladies were coming from the train crash site to pray, and that was the message he relayed to us, which we published to you, because we feel you need to know everything that happens around us. We apologize for that, and hope you bear this error with us.

Back to the real stuff.  The accident happened at Ekok Djem, some 48 kms from Yaounde in the Ebebda Division on the Yaounde Bafoussam highway. The ladies were returning from a prayer session, where they were crushed by a Toyota vehicle matriculated LT 939 EK. 

The only surviving victim Helen Onana recalled what happened: " The vehicle was coming in a high speed. I saw the driver struggling to gain control, and exclaimed 'we are death'.  I managed to jump  into a valley. All the others died". She told CRTV.

The Parish Priest Rev, Fr, Nestor Urbain Tsanga who was one of the last person to have seen the women  was shocked at the news. "After celebrating the Eucharistic service, they went to the Marian Grotto to pray, and then decided to go and visit one of their sisters in Christ who was sick. That was how they met a driver on the road who had lost control of his vehicle, and since they were in a line, he cleared them all. We leave everything in God's hands. I have no voice" the shocked priest said.

Meanwhile the Divisional officer of the Division visited the accident site, and measures have been put in place to support the survivor, while the corpses of those who lost their lives have been put in the Obala Hospital mortuary. Their names have not yet been released, but we shall publish them as soon as they are available.

We are truly sorry for the previous misinformation.

More photos of the site......

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