Friday, 4 November 2016

Cameroon - Comrade Fotso Victor says Cameroon needs prayers

Fotso Victor

Cameroon's biggest business man of all time and father  of Camair's one time General Manager Yves Michel Fotso serving a double life sentence imprisonment at the Kondengui Central Prison has asked Cameroonians to pray for Cameroon.

Comrade Fotso Victor was speaking during  an ecumenical service, marking the end of the installation ceremony of the Section Bureau of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement  (CPDM)  in the Western Region on Oct. 29th 2016.

"We must pray for our country Cameroon because we neither know the day nor the time". The Lord of the Bandjoun people preached severally during his speech at the service.

Meanwhile the other preachers during the service kept insisting on the fact that ' the misfortunes befalling our country are the consequences of  our actions'. The men of God called on all present to beg forgiveness from God, on behalf of the victims of the Eseka rail accident of Oct. 21st.

"Time has come for us to read the signs of time. Let us ask Guidance from God so that our leaders can guarantee the Liberty and Peace to the people ". The main Preacher concluded.

Victor Fotso has been even more faithful to the Biya's Flame party than ever before, despite the plight of his son Yves Michel Fotso, he still hasn't said NO to Biya.

Why has he never frowned at that?.

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