Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cameroon - Another Transport Sector Mishap - 'Le Bus' workers carry out ghost strike of the CENTURY

Buses blocking the road at their Nlongkak base

Report says circulation at Rond Pont Nlongkak has been paralysed by protesting Employees of 'Le Bus', an urban transporter in the nation's capital Yaounde who are claiming twenty(20) months unpaid salaries from their employer. 
The employees have decided to stage the most amazing ghost protest of all time, where you don't see them, but feel the impact of their grievances.
On the protest site at vallée NLONGKAK, former SOCATUR base, you don't see the protesters, but empty buses blocking the roads, and a Placard placed upside down that speaks for itself, placed by the Forces of Law and Order, who don't know whether to start firing at the parked engines or shoot tear gas in the air to hunt the ghost protesters.
The company has almost 300 workers, and is said to have been having financial difficulties for more than five years now.
More photos of the strike after the cut........

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