Monday, 28 November 2016

Buea takes over Bamenda as Troops open fire on protesting University of Buea students

Police blocking the UB Central Administration

As earlier reported, more than 1000 troops were deployed to the University of Buea this morning, to stop students from carrying out a protest based on their grievances in the letter sent to the Head of State and the Vice Chancellor.

The students, in their letter warned the Vice Chancellor to stop  manipulating them, and pledge their supports to striking Common Law Lawyers and Teachers.

They also want the 10 000F CFA penalty for late registration to be abolished, insisting that the annual Presidential grants should be given to all students from level 300.

The students  had deserted Amphitheaters and are chanting songs in different areas across the campus, when military men opened fire and used tear gas to disperse them as usual.

Read the entire letter below..

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