Sunday, 27 November 2016

Anglophone's Big Brother, Justice Prime Minister Philemon Yang fails to cajole his siblings on the table as Common Law Lawyers says indefinite strike continues

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Prime Minister Philemon Yang

The almighty Mohammed Prime Minister Philemon Yang's journey to the mountain of the commoners in Bamenda was tough and useless, because at the end of the day, he failed to go back to Yaounde with the desired results he came for. 

The Prime Minister could not win the battle for the government in his own soil, because following discussions of last weekend Ayaba Peace talksPhilemon Yang was working out of his own initiative as an anglophone big brother to call his siblings to order, even though he was sent by the highest authority of the country.

Nothing worked in his favour, because in as much as the doors for dialogues and negotiations where widely opened to him, he deliberately refused to make a daring move, probably against the highest instructions he received before driving to Bamenda. Consequently, no agreement was reached at, as the men and women in black robe and white wigs say their strike continues indefinitely till  government bows to their humble requests.

Below, is a communique signed by the Lawyers representatives of Anglophone Cameroon, who say their strike action will continue because their negotiations with Prime Minister Yang failed totally.

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