Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Anglophone Teachers Strike misunderstood by vandals and transformed into a total mess

Images of the strike in Bamenda

Reports say the stay at home teacher's indefinite strike that started yesterday had a  65% success rate, as some teachers were afraid of the threats that their Institutional Heads made on blocking their salaries, why others said it is a do or die journey.

Bamenda, the chief opposition town of Cameroon was heated yesterday, with some protesters blocking major roads in town and orchestrating destructive shows, that resulted to tear gas being used to disperse the population.

Nearly all the schools in Buea are closed, except for dormitory schools, and some other schools in Limbe where classes are effectively going on.

The Teachers Union had warned that parents should keep their children at home, while they themselves should stay in their houses and avoid going to the streets for fear of bloody confrontations with the military.

This instructions were however defiled in Bamenda, and the whole thing soured up, which might frustrate the Raison d'etre for the strike , and make it vanish unnoticed.

We are digging deeper to bring you reliable updates, so please stay tuned.

More photos below:

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