Saturday, 26 November 2016

Anglophone Teachers Strike - Prime Minister Philemon Yang sweats in the hands of the Lords of the Board and Chalk


Prime Minister Yang's two days stay in Bamenda negotiating with his own people will forever be recorded as the toughest bone he ever had to chew in his eight years as Prime Minister.

Sitting in front of realities, of red eyes men and women, ready to tear a lion with bare hands, Prime Minister Yang finally understood and confirmed that Bamenda is different from Yaounde, as all manipulative efforts to turn the cards in favour of the government failed woefully.

An alert of foul play was raised this afternoon, in what political actors termed as 'Manipulation', and within minutes of the alarm, the court yard of the Ayaba Hotel was crowded with a do or die people, whose looks where as sharp enough to butcher and destroy any obstruction to their almost accomplished goal.

Well, the meeting ended late this evening, and it was resolved that the indefinite strike continues until all demands raised by the teachers are met. 

In this note, the purported CA timetable published by the UB Vice-Chancellor is discarded and considered a non-event. Teachers and Lawyers are still on strike. 

The battle is halfway won, and HOPE is the game card. See the resolutions below:

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