Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Anglophone Teachers Strike - Consequences of Violent Protest - Sensitive photo

Dear Anglophone brothers and sister

Instigators have been paid to incite violence. Please don't fall for their traps.

We are all fighting for the same cause, but we are  spoiling our case with violence. Our voices can never be heard once violence comes into the show.

Some intruders in the violence game are from the opposite side, and when they incite us to fall prey, so that we end up losing everything our Lawyers and Teachers have selflessly started fighting for.

Some people are using this opportunity to settle their personal scores with individuals, and this is not how it was meant to be.

Some of us are fighting among ourselves, and what do we expect the opposite side to say?

Please brothers and sisters, silence speaks more than violence. We can sit at home like our Learned brothers and sisters who govern the chalk and the blackboard instructed us to.

We are almost winning please stop violence and let's respect the instructions from the Teachers' Union.

Together we shall someday overcome peacefully.

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