Thursday, 24 November 2016

Anglophone Lawyers Strike - President Paul Biya says the Lawyers are right but--------------? This is ridiculous

President Paul Biya 

Finally, the cries of the Common Law Lawyers(CLL) have reached the highest heaven of Etoudi Palace, and has touched the most high, almighty President Paul Biya, who through his Legal representative, the Honourable Minister of Justice Laurent Esso  has said some of  the CCL cries are legitimate.

During  a press conference yesterday November 23rd 2016, at his Cabinet, with members of the Bar Association, Justice Minister Laurent Esso said the Head of Sate and President of the Higher Judicial Council Paul Biya, is not  indifferent to the revendications of the Common Law Lawyers. 

"Following the strike action of the Anglophone Lawyers, the President of the Republic His Excellency Mr. Paul Biya has ordered the preparation of a general status of justice, during which all the problems stated by the Common Law Lawyers will be examined among others. It was proven that their claims were not completely baseless concerning the language proficiency, but not on the technical competency of the magistrates in charge. Thus, the problem of the incapacity of Francophone Magistrates, transferred to the North and South Wests Regions, who do not master the English language, or the principles of the Common Law will still be applicable.The President of the Republic has thus, decided to give another function to the top magistrate concerned, and replace him by another magistrate whose profile is best adapted to the situation. Concerning the general status announced, the first phase consisting the collection of data or information has already been completed, and the work of synthesis are in the final phase". Laurent Esso revealed, while condemning the strike action of the men and women in black rob of the Anglophone Regions.

The Common Law Lawyers who have have been on strike since Oct 11, are asking the government to produce the English version of the law, in conformity with OHADA, and are also protesting the transfer of French Magistrates to English courts.

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