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South African President Jacob Zuma has he wished he was Robert Mugabe's countrymen, because according to him Mugabe's people the Zimbabweans(Zims) do not disrespect, harass or abuse their President. lol

President Zuma was speaking to Zims press, upon arriving at the Harare International Airport, on a visit that will see him learn Good Leadership Skills from 92 years old Robert Mugabe, who Zuma thinks is a good teacher.

"I was born in a wrong country...people here know how to respect their leaders....Leaders here are free from harassment and abuse, something that you do not get down there in South Africa, and I would certainly love to have  been a Zimbabwean" Zuma regretted.

Wow, strange to hear that Robert Mugabe is Zuma's 'Role Model'. Let's wait to see the outcome of the knowledge Mugabe inculcates into the South African Leader for the betterment of the South African Economy.

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