Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why do Fako indigenes want their Chiefs arrested and imprisoned?

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Rumors have spreading wide as to how the Fako Chiefs have sold community lands to enrich themselves, and others sell one land to more than ten people. This issue has sent some of the Chiefs to jail, while others have gone to the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde and come back in tact.

But the fear of the unknown have cropped the minds of some, who apparently are guilty and afraid of the consequences that might befall them, should investigations be opened and allegations against them confirmed.

It is on the ground of this fear that the Fako Chiefs unanimously wrote a letter to the Head of State Paul Biya, about a Land surrendered to them that has been a source of different conflicts and zigzags, begging him to spare them from future embarrassments, humiliation, imprisonment,and also presented their present difficulties to him. They used their membership in the CPDM party to blackmail Paul Biya, should he not act in their favours.

Well whatever they are trying to mask, seems not to be working as the Fako Progressive Indigenous Association (FAPIA) has also written to the Head of State, calling on him to investigate and sanction some of these Chiefs who earlier wrote to him, because they seem guilty. 

We pray that government should sanction most of the land mongers who have misused our Fako land. Moreover, the innocent Cameroonians who are the victims of these illegal practices by some of these chiefs have a legitimate right to recover their hard-earned money through the courts…alluding to the sentencing of a criminal like Ndotoh Thomas Elinge, who is in prison and still faces several criminal charges of false pretence to support their cause is troubling” FAPIA noted

The association also called on the president not to succumb 
to blackmail by the chiefs who claim their possible 
incarceration might have a very negative effect on CPDM party in their communities “…the threat concerning the CPDM 
party will never work because they don’t have any grip on 
their population, they don’t speak for the Fako people whose right over land has been conspicuously violated… so the 
ruling party should be confident that they will still enjoy the people’s backing.” The letter dated September 28, 2016 

"Now dear Thatcherers and Thatcheresses, if the indigenes 
are against their own papas, it means the allegations are 
grounded. But wait oh! was this not predicted by Chief 
Ephraim Inoni when some of these so called chiefs testified
and turned their backs against him? Now is their turn. Let 
them tie their wrappers well on theirs waist and march bare body to the Buea mountain top to seek ancestral forgiveness before Sparrow Hawk visits them and cause havov oh". 
Fako Chiefs Obosso

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