Saturday, 8 October 2016

Russia 2018 World Cup Qualifier - Cameroon- Algeria - Joseph Antoine Bell says Algeria should not underestimate the Lions.

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Joseph Antoine Bell

Hours are ticking away into minutes, as heart beat pressures every Cameroonian chest ahead of tomorrow's 2018 World Cup qualifying match between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the Fennecs of Algeria .

It is true that majority of supporters say Algeria is more powerful than Cameroon, but others believe that "Small no bi sick", and that the Lions will have dominion over the Fennecs, if only they don't get distracted.

However, Joseph Antoine Bell, former Goalie for the Indomitable Lions think the Algerians shouldn't be too confident of the themselves. Even though Bell thinks the Algerians are stronger, he believes Cameroon might still win.

"I will say that for now, Algeria is better placed in Sunday's match. I accept this, but it will be a big mistake for them to underestimate Cameroon or to believe that the match in Bilda on Sunday will be easy. We know very well that Algeria has a very good individuality, so it will be difficult a difficult encounter, as a Cameroonian will never accepts a defeat". The veteran tells 'Le Buteur newspaper' in Algeria.

"It is true that Madjer is right by saying Algeria has more advantages over Cameroon in winning this match, but don't think  that the Lions will fold their arms and wait to be defeated. We also want to start off well, so don't be elated that Algeria has already won even before the match is played. If I was an Algerian I will remain vigilant because this match can sprout up surprises".  A real Cameroonian Bell advised the Algerians.

"Algerians know how to play football, which is indisputable. For some years now, they have been outshining in Africa and the world at large and to me personally, I am proud to see an African country with great players who are among the best champions in the world". Bell concluded, appreciating the Algerian Team.

"Bell is not the only one with the opinion that the Algerians should not be over confident. I too am of the same opinion. What about you?.

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