Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Opposition Leader says if care is not taken, Cameroon's 2018 Presidential Elections will be like that of the Gabonese Opposition

Image result for images of Cyrille Sam Mbaka of CDU Cameroon

Cyrille Sam Mbaka

Cyrille Sam Mbaka, First Vice President of the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) party has said that the Opposition parties in Cameroon should come together, and elect one person, who will represent the entire opposition. He said the Opposition Coalition should think of the existing problems plaguing Cameroonians, and concentrate on a political program, which will be a project of the actual society for a common goal. 

This action he said will build political structures before and after the elections through the implementation of a vital government.

He said for this new political approach to succeed, the opposition  will have to start from censuring the population , revising the constitution, implement a Constitutional Counsel, motivate massive registration of voters, combine the electoral list, bring together financial means, chose the candidate who is more represented in terms of pr-established standards that can take him as far as the opposition remains united.

Cyrille Sam who also supportss the idea that voters most be properly educated on the electoral procedures to enable them vote massively said that the voters must feel implicated in the process or else we might find ourselves in a similar situation to that of Gabon, where CPDM militants will become opposition, and it will be the opposition's fault, if they do not take advantage of the situation, to their side. "The opposition struggle cannot succeed if the citizens are not on their side". He Concluded.

"Looks like the opposition parties are finally becoming sensible in teaming up as one. As long as they remain divided with each one fighting for its own personal interest, the ruling party will always have a reason to continuously gain upper hands over them. 

What do you think? Do you think its time they form a coalition if they want to beat CPDM out of power, or should they remain the way they are?".

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