Monday, 31 October 2016

Is President Biya using the AFCON 2016 poster to cunningly launch his Campaign train?

La CAN 2016 ouvre la voie à la campagne présidentielle de 2018

Tongues are wagging and hearts are silently questioning the meaning of the above poster, whether it is a Publicity of the upcoming African Women Cup of Nations, or whether it is a President Biya's campaign tactics that wants people to forcefully applaud his Great Realizations as he calls it.

This posters that can be seen along the Limbe - Yaounde Highway reads; "AFCON 2016, a Great Realisation, a Great Success", with the largest image ever of President Biya at the corner and that of the players representing Cameroon in the competition which kicks off on November 19th 2016 in Yaounde and Limbe.

Biya's allies are CREDITING the successful Organisation of this event to the 83 years old President, who has never ever succeeded in hosting the competition in his country since his everlasting 34 years of reign at the Supreme Magistracy of Cameroon.

The last time Cameroon hosted the the African Cup of Nations was during the Late Amadou Ahidjo's regime in 1972. Cameroon will again host this competition for the African ladies this year 2016, and the men in 2019, which will likely still be under President Biya's regime as he will remain President of Cameroon forever, since he has already started using the 2016 AFCON billboards for his campaigns.

Whatever it is, the credit here should not go to the Head of State, but to all Cameroonians both small and big alike, who in their own way have been and are still contributing to the success of this project.

Honestly, this is absolutely crazy.

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