Saturday, 8 October 2016

FECAFOOT'S Main opposition man Abdouraman Babba Hamadou warns the Algerian Football Federation about the impending suspension of tomorrow's match

Abdouraman Babba Hamadou

Barely hours to the kickoff match between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and Fennec of AlgeriaAbdouraman Babba Hamadou, Chief opposition of the present FECAFOOT's management has again raised a wind to stir up trouble, despite his previous failed attempts.

After  FIFA rejected his request to  frustrate the National Team, the one man fighter wrote to the Cameroon Government, who apparently till day is still to react to his correspondence.

However, Abdouraman Babba still believes luck will be on his side, as he expects that the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Switzerland is going to speak in his favor.

It is with this confident that he has again written to the Algerian Football Federation, warning them that tomorrow's match might not hold, and that even if it succeeds in holding, it will be cancelled and reprogrammed until the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT, cleans the mess in its management.

For those who do not know the genesis of this problem,  Abdouraman Babba Hamadou and Tombi Aroko (present FECAFOOT Presidentwere both candidates for the last FECAFOOT's Presidential race of September 28 2015

Like all top elections in Cameroon, a lot of discrepancies and irregularities  were on the electoral activities, that saw Tombi Aroko smashed Abdouraman, to become the President of the Federation till date.

Dissatisfied with everything, Abdouraman wrote to the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon, requesting that the elections be cancelled and re-organised. After proper investigations and scrutiny, a hearing was opened about the matter, and the Judges of the Committee approved Abdouraman's grievances and declared the elections null and void.

But the government still went ahead to give more powers to Tombi Aroko, ignoring the verdict of the Judges of the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon.

Abdouraman took the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Switzerland where the outcome is still being awaited. It is on this out come, that Abdouraman, is confident he will win FECAFOOT in this fight.

"Well, looks like no one thinks he is making any sense with his numerous threats and complains, but while waiting for the verdict of the  Court of Arbitration, Cameroon must play Algeria tomorrow, come sun come rain".

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