Friday, 28 October 2016

Cameroon - Toast by H.E. Paul BIYA on the occasion of a dinner offered in honour of President Idriss DEBY ITNO

Visite au Cameroun de S.E. Idriss Deby Itno, Président de la République du Tchad - 28 et 29 octobre 2016 (18)

Mr President and Dear Brother
My wife and I are happy to once again welcome you to this Palace, symbol of the Cameroonian nation.
Immediately you received news of the train disaster in my country, you extended to us the condolences of the Chadian people. In your capacity as current Chairperson of the African Union, you also extended the condolences of the peoples of Africa.
This tragedy, this disaster, this trial has shocked the people of Cameroon as a whole. So many of our compatriots have lost their lives… So many others have been injured…
In addition to your message of condolence, you have come today in person to bring us the comfort of your friendship. Thank you, Mr President and dear Brother.
It is said that it is in adversity that one recognizes his true friends …
That is why we are profoundly moved by your gesture. Moreover, it is no surprise to us, as we are aware of the depth, density and solidity of the ties binding us. These ties are founded on relations established in the course of History between two neighbouring peoples who have a lot in common.
More recently, thanks to these relations, we were able to stand TOGETHER and push back our common enemy when the security, and even the very existence, of our countries were threatened.
Today, the sympathy and compassion you have come to extend to us are heart-warming.
Beyond that, I am certain they strengthen our common determination to further develop our relations in all areas.
Although this is not the moment to discuss cooperation plans, I am convinced, Mr President and dear Brother, that the natural solidarity that exists between Chad and Cameroon will be   strengthened by the trials we will have to face.
It is true condolences do not bring the dead back to life. They, however, nurture, consolidate and enhance trust among those who are still living.
Dear Brother, 
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming.
I now invite you to raise your glasses to friendship and solidarity between Chad and Cameroon.

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