Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cameroon - See President Biya's Swiss based Palace - What can be the cost of this Castle?

President Biya's Palace in Switzerland as shown by CODE

After reporting on CODE's new discovery of President Biya's new hide out, Cameroonians have been questioning on what the cost of this 'Heaven on earth Castel' could be. Some say it is as much as the cost of buying the entire Yaounde City, others said it is equivalent to the cost of 10 new Boeing 737, while others are like "Sans Commentaire j'ai les nerfs en voyant ca"(No comment, my nerves are killing me at this) .

President Biya's Palace in Switzerland as shown by CODE

Well one Political Analyst has clarified that as a President, Mr. Biya has a salary, and that his monthly salary plus advantages for 34 years is enough to buy/build 10 more of such Castles and in different locations around  the world. 

Meanwhile, an Architect has said the cost of just the Site Plan of this Mansion is equivalent to the selling price of Bamenda and its every infrastructure.

Well, now that CODE has discovered this Castle that is as big as Bastos, our antennas are up, to capture their next move.

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