Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cameroon - SCNC Activist Arrested With a Southern Cameroon Passport

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Southern Cameroon Passport

Reports from Cameroon Online say an SCNC activist  by  name Simon Nfor Ngwa was arrested by the Kumba Police on Thursday Sept. 29 2016.

Ngwa was travelling to Douala by bus for a business trip, when the Police at the Mabonji Check point on the Kumba-Buea road, stopped the bus to check the passengers, and discovered Ngwa, arrested and detained him.

The Post says while in detention, Ngwa was not rough handled, and was given his phone to call and  inform his relatives of his arrest.

He was released on Monday Oct. 3, and his ID Card, mobile phone and  other personal belongings that were confiscated while he was under police custody were released to him as well.

Ngwa told the Post that his release was unconditional and that order came from above for that to happen.

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