Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cameroon - Politics - SDF's Jean Michel Nitcheu brags over unmerited victory in the Littoral Bureau Elections

Hon. Jean Michel Nitcheu

In an interview with "Le Jour Newspaper", SDF Littoral's President elect Hon. Jean Michel Nitcheu says while his opponents were busily carrying out their sabotaging campaign on his personality, he was on the field touring the entire Littoral Region.

"I visited all the Wouri localities, Sanaga Maritime, Nkam, Moungo North and South. I was certain that the election was folded  and my opponents who knew they were already defeated, had no other strategy than to create incidents so that the conference should not hold. Fortunately, Tsomelou's Commission did not fall for their lousy trap, and organized the elections". brags Nitcheu

On the famous article 18.8 used by his comrades to exclude him from the election, Nitcheu had this to say: "they are comrades, and I am ashamed of them. This ignorance is lamentable. It is insignificant dizziness that has blinded this comrades. I can't understand why we can be at the level of such responsibility and have such ignorance of our texts. Article 16 with all its paragraphs is the only article that sanctions SDF militants at the Disciplinary Council. In reality, NEC's decision is a decision to enable the process to continue normally, because there were complains here and there. The Regional Bureau had the tendency to influence the job of the Commission, reason why the the Littoral Bureau was suspended. The simple question I am asking is that all the 29 members of the regional bureau were suspended; why are these people bent only on Nitcheu's candidature?"

Talking about the first challenges after his re-election, Nitcheu declared.: "contrarily to the nonsense of our opponents, we have lifted Littoral very high. Strange how anyone would dream of replacing Nitcheu.  I repeat this sayings of the French politician who once said :  It is better for a flock of sheep to be headed by a lion, than a flock of lions by a sheep".

So Jean Michel Nitcheu is proud that he won the elections despite the zizags the Tsomelou's Commission played? Well such is politics in Cameroon. One man will rule for life.

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