Friday, 14 October 2016

Cameroon - Police Officer made to urinate for 53 minutes because of 500 F FCA

A police officer working at the police check point in Fongo Tongo in the Menoua Division of the Western Region was made to urinate for 53 minutes after forcefully collecting 500 Frs from a private motor bike rider.

According to Equinox Radio reporting the story, the officer who was on his duty post saw an old man returning from his farm on his old  bike, and stopped him on pretext of wanting to check the documents of the bike. The bike owner who did not have all the papers to show implored the officer to let him go, but the officer refused and threatened to impound the bike if the owner did not negotiate with him.

Villagers intervened to plead on behalf of the tired farmer and bike owner, but the officer was adamant, insisting on a 500 Frs negotiation or impounds the bike and lock up its owner. 

After a long argument filled with threats from the officer, the farmer finally removed an old 500 Frs note from his pocket, and gave him. It was only after putting the money into his pocket, that the officer let the poor man go. 

The old man climbed his bike, and as he disappeared from view, the officer felt the urge to urinate. He stepped aside, pulled down his zip in a haste and began urinating. 

2, 4, 6, 8 minutes passed, and he was still urinating. He called out on his colleague who came, but couldn't rescue him. He kept urinating in pains continuously until his panicked colleague alert the villagers.

One of the villagers said it was the consequences of the 5oo Frs he collected from the old bike rider by force. They set out to look for the bike rider, and met him in his house. They pleaded with him to come and rescue the officer from his pissingitist(word not in dictionary, but used in stories like this to analyse a situation and create fun).

The old man climbed his bike, and went to the check point, where he met the officer pissing his life away. He asked the officer to return his 500 Frs, and it is only after he had collected back his money, that the officer stopped urinating, after 53 minutes.

I just can't imagine what happened later, but that serves him really right. Lol

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