Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cameroon - Judicial Folie - Special Criminal Court opens case file for Late Louis Bapes Bapes

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Louis Bapes Bapes in Kondengui

The first public audience of late former Minister of Secondary Education Louis Bapes Bapes opened up last Thursday October 13 2016, with a no show of the deceased legal counsel.

Headed by Justice Mrs. Siewe Yvette, the hearing was adjoined for November 15 this year for documentary reason.

"We all know that the accused is dead, but we have to adjourn the case so that his Lawyer can produce his Death Certificate". The Sate Prosecutor told the empty court room.

The accused had gone out of the limelight after the October 2 2015 Cabinet reshufflement, where the Head of State did not renew his trust in him.

He was already visibly sick during his arrest of March 31st 2014, after which he was thrown into the Yaounde Kondengui prison where he was released on April 1, 2014, at the instructions of the Head of State His Excellency Paul Biya.

His health did not permit him to attend the hearing session of 15th January 2016 at the Special Criminal Court, where he was to answer for the embezzlement of 550 Millions Francs representing  unpaid allowances and perdiems that was destined to officials of the organisation of  competitive examinations during the 2005-2009 financial years. 

Louis Bapes Bapes died at the age of 73 in the Yaounde General Hospital on February 5, 2016 and was given a State burial on March 5th 2016.

So what happens after his Legal Council brings in his Death Certificate?.

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