Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cameroon - Eseka Train Derailment - Minister Mebe Ngo'o says says they will learn from the Oct. 21st Train Crash

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Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o  has been under fire, ever since Train No. 152 derailed on Friday Oct. 21st killing over a hundred people and injuring 685. The Minister is fighting to withdraw his controversial blunders as all fingers are pointing accusingly towards him for everything about the train crash.

In an interview with Cameroon Tribune on Monday Oct. 24, the Minister said they will learn from what has happened. 
"I will be having a meeting at the start of the week  with Camrail, and we have a debriefing with the objective of preventing such accidents from reoccuring in future. But in terms of security there is nothing like zero risk. The derailment that happened in Cameroon, happens in other places, but that doesn't mean we have to fold our arms. We will learn from what happened". Mebe Ngo'o said, answering the question of future preventive  measures of such accidents.

"Camrail has proved that it is a company for the citizens. They have pulled out all the coaches that fell in the valley, and the authorities are determined to repair the damaged rails to ensure that circulation resumes. An expert technical team have come from France to increase the work force of the ongoing works. They have not given a date, but for so many reasons, and especially for their own interest, activities on the railway will resume as soon as possible". Minister Mebe Ngo'o declared confidently.

Let's hope the lessons learnt will be applied to future realities.

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