Monday, 24 October 2016

Cameroon - Eseka Train Derailment - Who is lying? CAMRAIL or Minister Mebe Ngo'o with his blunderous controversies?

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Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o

Who decided to increase the length of the 152  Intercity Train that left Yaounde for Douala on Friday Oct. 21st 2016, but finally ended in the valleys of Eseka? It might not be easy to get a clean answer now, because even the Minister of Transport is more confused to the extend that he keeps contradicting himself.

On CRTV's  1 p.m radio news on that fateful day 21st Oct. 2016, Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o boasted that  HE  HAD INSTRUCTED CAMRAIL to transport as many people as possible in its wagons so as to accommodate the needs of frustrated travellers, who were unable to travel by road due to the landslide that separated the road linking Yde-Dla-Yde.

But the next day, he changed his word: "CAMRAIL DECIDED to add 8 more wagons, and the train left with more than 1000 passengers. They confirmed that it was not the first time there were transporting overloaded goods and passengers" Minister Mebe Ngo'o contradicted,.

Meanwhile on Sunday Oct. 23rd, a Camrail's  Senior Manager said over Vision  4 Television channel that Minister Mebe Ngø'ø instructed Camrail to add the wagons.

That contradiction added to the Minister's blunder, when he denied during the 1 p.m news that Friday that there was no train crash whereas the trained had crashed about one hour before he was being interviewd by  CRTV's journalist.

"While the derailed train was still at the Yaounde Train Station, the first rumors were already spreading that the stationed train had derailed. This rumors amplified in the social media, with the image of the 2009 train that derailed around the Yaounde General Hospital trending. After the crisis meeting that I  presided before I was called to talk about the issue on the 1 p.m news, I thought it would be best for me to deny this information because it was likely to create doubt and confusion in people's mind. At the same time the government was taking measures to remedy the the landslide incident that occurred this morning on the Yaounde Douala highway. The real derailment likely occurred just before Eseka. This is what happened. There was a false alarm of derailment while the train was still stationed in Yaounde, and unfortunately it coincided with the circumstances of a real derailment later" Mebe Ngo'o declared at the crash site.

What if the train had arrived safely in Douala? Minister Mebe Ngo'o would have been crowned with a RED FEATHER for his thoughtful initiative of asking Camrail to double its wagons to save stranded travellers. Now that it all ended in  a tragedy, won't he take the slaps as well?

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