Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cameroon - Eseka Train Derailment - Chantal Biya criticized for wearing a bright pink suit jarred with the national mood of mourning.

PresidePresident Paul BIYA and Wife are back home

The Presidential Couple stepping down the plane on Sunday Oct. 23rd 2016

First Lady Chantal Biya returned home with husband and the Delegation that left Cameroon on September 16 2016 ,for the 71st UN General Assembly in the USA, and left before the end of the Assembly for Europe, where they only returned on Sunday Oct. 23rd 2016

Chantal was all pink as she stepped off the plane, with a bright smile of returning home after a 37 days self exile abroad.

Cameroonians did not fancy the fact that the Mother of the Nation glamourously choose to sparkle in such a bright colour, amidst the mourning mood of the country.

"Her choice of clothes shows the disdain she has for the poor...She doesn't show her compassion," said Paulin, an economy ministry official who declined to give his full name.

Others thought she would have opted for a more sober attire, to prove her solidarity with Cameroonian people.

"We all know she is extravagant with her fashion style, but she should have put on a more sober dress, to show that she felt our pains". Bertine Ambassa said.

"I was ashamed when I watched her step down the plane in such a flashy dress, whereas hearts were bleeding in pains. I think she was mocking at the victims for forcing her to prematurely return from where she and her husband were spending our money". Innocent Ngono vented.

Well Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Maybe that is the message she was trying to portray.

Chantal Biya and wives of Top State personalities upon her arrival on Sunday Oct. 23rd

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