Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cameroon - 160 angry Chiefs from the Upper Nyong writes to blackmail President Paul Biya again

Reports from the "Reperes Newspaper" says 160 Traditional Rulers from 14 units of the Upper Nyong Division in the East Region of Cameroon held a meeting on the 3rd and 4th of Sept. this year, to discuss about development issues in their Division. 

The outcome of this meeting that was chaired by His Majesty Frederic Fouda Fouda, resulted to a Memorandum which was sent to President Biya, addressing their grievances among which was the poor state of roads in the Division that needed rehabilitation.

The Chiefs also insisted in their letter to the Head of State that the 10% Forestry fee that the population had been deprived of for some years now, be restituted to them. 

They also asked the Head of State to create Annex Faculties of the University of Yaounde and Douala in the town of Abong Bang in the East Region.

Spiritually, the Chiefs asked Paul Biya to negotiate with the Pope so  that one of their sons can be appointed a Bishop.

When this letter got to the Presidency according to the reporting paper, it sparked off war between the government, sons of the Eastern Region in government offices, and the Traditional Rulers. Those already eating from Biya's table from the region, blamed their Chiefs for wanting to destroy them in the eyes of the President, who will think they were part of those who sat to conspire against him.

The Traditional Rulers too have sworn on their parts that neither them nor their subjects will cast votes for the CPDM party in any election, until their requests are met.

Another blackmail or what?

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