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What happened to the 8 Billion Francs? The GOSPEL to all CPDM Militants Great and Small alike, according to Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, who says CPDM must be BORN AGAIN. Lol

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam one of the best Social Critic of our time, with no Presidential Ambition gave a recommendable speech on September 3 2016, on the occasion of the Joint CPDM Grand Section Conference, held in Mezam 1B, in the North West Region of Cameroon.

This speeh that was copied to the Top League players of the party, keeps calling my attention on how these Top people will digest this preaching.

Read the speech below and understand what I saw. Wait oh, is he not the one 

 3rd September 2016

Speech delivered by Dr. Nick Ngwanyam on the occasion of the Joint Grand Section Conference Mezam 1B.

Theme: Renewed Political Vitality towards a Ground Breaking Trust of the CPDM in                           Meza 1B.

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam
Every living thing or system is characterized by growth. When this is absent, death sets in. If we keep on doing the same thing every day and keep on hoping for a good out-come, we will get challenging surprises. 

To grow, we must come up with new ideas, new approaches and new strategies or we will eventually be stagnant. 

Things that worked yesterday with the cultural, economic and social climate of yesterday would not work today as we are in the android season and our youths have no skills and no jobs with a weak industrial fabric.

We are in the internet season, the computer age and the youths who are in the majority have different problems, different dreams, aspirations and passions and they expect different outcomes for now and their tomorrow. They need to earn a living, they need security and they need to feel safe. They want to marry and raise families. We must be sensitive to their concerns.

Those of us who are here, militants at the base and the top bracket, men and women have our private agendas and expectations from the CPDM and the nation at large. We want money in our pockets, we want to sing a new song, we want our circumstances to change for the better. However, we fail to realize that we are the architects of our own outcomes, what we sow is what we reap.

The economics, the development trajectory for communities and persons, the social climate, the job orientations, the agriculture, industrial fabric and entertainment must change. Since we are what we think, our thinking patterns must change for the better.

It is imperative for our great party to follow this trend here in Bamenda, this Region and the whole nation. This is what the new 

CPDM is all about; doing things differently with a different mindset so that we can get different results. It is about supporting everyone in the party to grow so that collectively we can grow, help the nation and also help our President H.E. Paul Biya.

We have brought our beloved country Cameroon this far; let us now all change for the better and do things with a spirit of excellence in the interest of common good and the ‘Fear of God’.

Are you a farmer? Have you been putting manure and fertilizers to your crops? The Fear of God is the fertilizer of our lives and all of the human endeavors. No God, No growth. Did I hear you say that there is no God in Politics?

Why do we pray when we start our meetings? Are we not supposed to be good Christians and Muslims? Are there areas of our lives from which God is excluded? Is that why we tell so many lies and blackmail each other for positions and wealth? Is that why contractors and some people put in authority of the common good are so crafty and fail to deliver?

Greed and selfishness is what is killing all of us. We need a new mind set to be able to grow as a new party after the reorganization. We cannot reorganize and function with the old ways. You cannot put new wine in old wine skins.

In 1985, the CPDM was born in Bamenda. Today the 3rd of September, Bamenda and the North West still leads the nation in this new rebirth of the CPPDM which I have called the ‘Born Again’ CPDM. This so because of the new mind set of doing business which we shall sell to all the CPDM in the nation, our government and other parties who care to know what makes us grow.

We understand that the real support to H.E. President Paul Biya is not only the motion of support we shall send. Ask the President himself and he will tell you that he needs more than words and feelings from us. He wants our doing in excellence. This honors him, his vision and his name and grows the country and the party.

 A couple of months ago, he got four volumes of motions of support and he will continue to get more. Yet the President is looking for something that we are not giving him. He is looking for something more precious from all of us that goes beyond lip service.

The people, the ministers and directors locked up in Kondengui are there because they deceived the President with motions of support. While he thought they were friends and that they were genuine, they were running down the nation and sowing seeds of social strife, poverty and depleting the state coffers.

 They failed to do the jobs put at their disposal with the means available for the sake of or youths and the nation. They thought more of themselves than of common good. They lacked the spirit of excellence and love for mankind in their hearts. That is their crime.

When we fail to do the work that the President has given us, we are tarnishing him slowly. We are putting in place road blocks for the youth and the nation. We are killing the economy and everything else that depends on it. 

The money meant for the Metta Quarters road has not been used effectively to repair the road. The execution by our reckoning is poor.  The 8 billion frs for the New Road from Amour Mezam to Army Camp Station was spent and a very bad road put in place.

There is some tar that is put in town now and it gives way in two weeks. That is how we collectively destroy the President and the nation and we blindfold him with party uniforms, a support march and a motion of support.

If we want to support the nation, the CPDM and President Paul Biya we must do the following things:
We must like work, like work that is well done in the spirit of excellence. We must be honest and exercise self-discipline. We must be on our knees in prayer of thanks giving to God as we seek His protection and guidance and we must respect mother earth (the environment). H.E. President Paul Biya of our great party showed this to us when he knelt down at the Cathedral in Yaounde in 2011 to thank God for our excellent victory in the presidential elections.

Do we know whom we worship and which spirit we pray to? How can we truly grow or make it in life if we do not respect the gift of life? How do we grow if we do not love others and our God unconditionally? We must be true to ourselves and to others. When we write petitions to Yaounde and backstab others for no good cause that hurts the party and the nation.

The spirit of truth and the practice of truth will free us for we are spirit and God, being spirit, we must relate with Him in Spirit and in Truth. We must watch our souls. We must tap into the infinite intelligence of God in our desire to gain understanding and guidance in our labors. Above all, God is principle and we must thus try to be principled in our lives, in the CPDM and in Cameroon. Putting God first would make the difference we are looking for.

Seeking to progress without this understanding, will bring us to our dooms day sooner than later. If we understand this and follow it, the CPDM will grow, will be stronger and would be in power for the next 400 years. God must be part of politics and every other thing we do whether we like it or not if we desire happiness and prosperity.

In the light of our new dispensation and understanding, we thus say no to blackmail, cheating, self-deceit and the stabbing of our brothers. Greed is the killer disease and love is the medicine.

Therefore, today, we have laid the ground work and a foundation for a new start, we have to set ourselves some goals.

We must improve on our agriculture and animal production. This will increase our economic power. Without economic growth, the party shall not grow as expected. We notice that chickens, eggs, plantains, watermelons still come to us from Bafoussam. This is an indication that our agriculture has failed. We need to grow rice and wheat, corn, beans and more.

We need to go into business. Putting money piled in the credit unions is not it. Please, come together put money and skills together and make meaningful investments that yield dividends. Come together and start businesses and cottage industries. Working together in love and trust is the secret. Sharing talents and being open and truthful in our endeavors will tilt the balance in our favor. Send your children to professional schools to help you and create jobs. We must correct the economics and output by improving on our production capacities and earning powers.

Let us think, work and strategize differently and the future of the CPDM shall be bright. Our individual outcomes shall be better and Cameroon shall grow in leaps and bounds because we are thinking differently and working positively in the light of Kingdom Principles.
Thanks for listening. God bless all of us.

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD
National President CAPBIYA (Friends of President Paul Biya)
Tel 677764674;

· H.E. President Paul Biya
·The President of Senate
·The Speaker National Assembly
·H.E. Prime Minister
·SG Central Committee CPDM
·The Political Bureau Members NW Region
·All Divisional Coordinators CPDM North West Region
·All Section Presidents NW Region.

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