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    Thursday, 1 September 2016

    Scandal - Woman uses water that has been used on corpses to prepare food for her restaurant

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    A lady popularly known as Mami Eru in the Mile Four Bonadikombo neighborhood of Limbe has made a scaring confession  over Prophet John Chi's Ark of God Covenant Ministry's Live Broadcasting Service media, putting everyone in the community in a panic.

    The lady who has been into cooked food business for close to 20 years, revealed that she gets water that has been used to wash corpses from the mortuary, and prepare food to boast her sales.

    The confession came after she had suffered from an unknown protracted illness, and went to the man of God for deliverance.

    Nearly 3/4 of the population have eaten from her restaurant, which is ever jam packed with customers.

    The most frustrating headache that suspends questions on every lip is "How Does she get the water?".

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