Thursday, 1 September 2016

Police Officer gangs with armed bandits to rob trader in Ndogbong

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Police Oficer Tong Tong and one of his accomplices are presently answering questions at the Ndogbong Gendamerie in Douala, for harrasing and aggresing a young business man by name William.

Reports says on Tuesday August 30th, William who is a trader resident near Winner's Chapel in the Ndogbong Douala nighbourhood was visited by 4 individuals as early as 5 a.m, who claimed to be Private Investigators against cybercriminality from the State.

The quattro said they have been reliably informed that William was a culprit to this crime, and have come to investigate him. Surprised at the allegations, William tried to explain that he was clueless of the accusations, but they advanced towards him, trying to cuff him, while others went searching his house,  took 5 million Francs, two laptops and his i-phone

Sensing danger, William asked his wife to shout for help. His wife started shouting "thieves oh, thieves thieves". Her voice alerted the neighbours, who streamed William's house, and were able to grab two of the men, among whom was Police Officer Tong Tong, from the Rapid Intervention Police Unit in Yaounde.

The population fell on them to lynch them, but thank goodness, they were rescued by William's senior brother, a private guard and authorities from the nearby gendamerie.

William who got married the weekend before the attack, said he had earlier confided to one of his friends that he just took a 5 million francs loan from his mother to start a restaurant business, and that apart from his mum, his wife and friend, no one else knew he had 5 million francs in the house.

Investigations are underway, and the two other culprits are on the run. However, with two of them in the Gendamerie's dragnet, the truth is half way uncovered.

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