Thursday, 1 September 2016

Operation Sparrow Hawk starts breezing in ELECAM - Armand Patrice Edjongolo former Delegate of Ebolowa in jail

Former Regional Delegate of  Elections Cameroon ELECAM, for the Southern Region of Ebolowa, is presently feeling the coldness of his prison cell, since June 2016.

Armand Patrice Edjongolo is accused of gross  financial and administrative mismanagement, and was reported to the judicial authorities by Abdoulaye Babale, present Director General of Elections Cameroon.

Report says Armand was suspended from his functions in December 2015, by the Director General himself for a duration of 3 months.

Image result for images of Armand Patrice Edjongolo
Armand Patrice Edjongolo former Delegate of Ebolowa

His suspension according to the DG's report was due to a series of personal indiscipline, which included poor perfomance, regular and unjustified absent from work and incompetency on the job. 

According to a correspondece from the DG, there were serious  irregularities on two Service Notes that Armand signed on the 26th of October 2015 and 9th of November same year.   

One of the Service Notes was for the nomination and transfer of Service Heads  in the Regional Delegation and Divisional offices, while the other was for the transfer of agents in the territorial divisions of ELECAM in the South.

Other irregularities were instabilities that hindered the proper functioning of the activities of  the different divisons of ELECAM in the South, the demotion of Senior staff to position of support agents, and various  disruptions like separating couples by sending spouses away from their families to distant irrelevant transfer.

After his suspension, Armand was re-instated but relieved of his functions as Regional Delegate, and sent to the Head Office, in the Electoral Operations and Referandum Department, where investigations deepened, and revealed how he mismanaged the structure that was under his jurisdiction both Financially and Administratively.

The Director General of ELECAM contacted the judicial authories, who questioned Armand, and found him wanting of all round mismanagement. He is presently awaiting trial at the Ebolowa Central prison.

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