Friday, 2 September 2016

Operation Sparrow Hawk - Former Camair-Co boss caught while fleeing from the country with an American passport

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Jean Paul Nana Sandjo- Former Director General of Camair-Co

Reports says former Camair-Co Director General Jean Paul Nana SANDJO, was apprehended at the Douala International airport, while attempting to travel out of the country with an American passport.

Reliable sources says he was trying to board a Royal Air Maroc flight, when the Forces and Law and Order intercepted him. Nana Sandjo had earlier booked his flight using his wife's name, but appeared at the airport in her place with an American passport, raising eyebrows.

Prior to his dismissal as DG of the State owned iron bird Camair-Co, his Cameroonian passport was seized, and instructions sent to borders forbidding him from leaving the country.

He was interrogated by the police, and release some hours later.

Eventhough there are no charges against him as of now, investigations on his management of the half-way paralyzed Camair-Co is underground.

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