Friday, 23 September 2016

Ni John FRU NDI says he is fine amidst rumors of deteriorating health

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Ni John Fru Ndi, Chairman of the SDF party

Earlier this week, many blogs and media published that Cameroon's Main Opposition Leader Ni John Fru Ndi had been operated by Spanish imported Medical Specialist at the Shishong Catholic Hospital in Kumbo, and was in a very critical condition.

Militants of the parter, Supporters, Fans and Sympathisers streamed in 'Get Well' messages to cheer their favourite Opposition man back to health.

However, there seems to be some controversies to this story, because 'The Guardian Post' newspaper on kiosk this day Sept 23rd, reports that when they contacted Nkelemo Denis Assistant Secretary in Charge of Communication for the Social Democratic Front(SDF), he refuted the fact that Ni John's health was deteriorating. When asked if Ni John was still on admission, he said Ni John is fine, and that he is not on any medical admission, and questioned the caller if he wanted to give him new information about his Boss.

Nkelemo Denis said the viral news about Ni John's failing health was baseless, and advised journalist to be careful on how they relay information especially when it concerns SDF, because according to him some insiders of the party are black legged.

The paper further reports that another SDF militant and Member of Parliament denied that Ni John was sick, and that he was bouncing in good health.

When contacted on phone, the Chairman himself confirmed; "I am Fine", but did not precise whether he was fine because he was recovering from the rumored surgery, or he was fine as in fine.

Well,  all these big people never like to talk about their health, and especially when it gets critical. 

What ever it is, whether he was sick, is sick or has never been sick, we wish him all the best and say "Power to the People".
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