Sunday, 4 September 2016

Massa tok tok alias Eze Ekuleku resigns from Equinox

Chris Obi alias Massa Tok Tok, Eze Ekuleku

Cameroon's darling pidgin news animator Massa Tok Tok, Eze Ekuleku, will no longer be seen on Equinox TV Channel again. He resigned after given 10 years of his relentless services to Equinox and the Cameroonian population.

Chri Obi(his real name) is not only a pidgin news broadcaster, but he was also a Reporter, an Anchorman, and one of the firm pillars that had kept the Equinox. He is so far the best in the industry, and is known for his down to earth  and friendly nature, which makes him a booh to all.

Rumour says he has had a more juicy offer, reason why he is leaving his contry pipo.

"Massa Tok Tok, we don vex with you tam no dey. Benskinneur them di cry you, market woman dem di cry, pipo wey them like for chop soya di cry,  ngongoro drivers, even kamamborou sef, them don hold ndongame say make you came back came di nack we tori. Ouais ma brother we go miss you oh, but just di mimba we as you di climb di go for up, just di mimba we, and we too we go di mimba you too. We lek you well well".

Massa tok tok (Krys Thobie) resigns from Equinox after more than 10 years of service

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