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Karma or nemesis - "I dowried the corpse of my 1st wife and refunded the dowry of my 2nd wife and her corpse to her family"

Hello HTL readers, welcome again to another true life and heart wrecking story from one of our readers, who is plagued with a situation he can't term.

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"Born in the 2nd position in a family of 5, my parents gave me everything I needed to live a comfortable life. I was handsome, intelligent and a pride to my family and environment, until I committed an act, which today is hunting my existence.

My name is Cyril Bobga, a native of Bali in the North West Region of Cameroon, and successful businessman in the economic town of Douala. When I was in the University of Yaounde in the year 1989, I had a girlfriend whose name was Josiane A, I prefer to call her that, to avoid future confrontations with her relatives.

Josiane was 19 years, and I was 25 at that time. We dated for six months, until she got pregnant and the story changed. She refused abortion, and I thought wise to inform my parents of the situation, but my parents threatened to disown me, should I bring her into the family house.

I took Josiane to my aunt in Buea, but for fear of my parents, she refused to host us for more than three days, so we returned to Yaounde. My parents had suspended all my subsistence allowances, and things became really difficult for me.

Josiane categorically refused abortion, and my mother invited me, and told me how angry and disappointed my family was with me, and that she could help me regain my family favours again if I accepted to get rid of the pregnancy without Josiane's knowledge.

She asked me to go back to Yaounde, and return over the weekend with her. Josiane was happy at last, that my family had finally accepted her.

The following Friday evening, we were already in Buea. My mum welcomed us, and thanked Josiane for loving me to the extend of wanting to forgo her education just to give me a child. She pretended to show Josiane love and care, just to hatch her evil plan.

She cooked for us, and gave me a strong but sweet liquid concuction to pour into Josiane's glass of drink, which I did on three different occasions.

By the time we left Buea for Yaounde Josiane had already started complaining of waist pain. The pregnancy was already in its fourth month. We got to Yaounde, and she started bleeding heavily. I took her to the hospital, where the Doctors said she was having a miscarriage, and her entire womb was rotten inside, and the only surviving way out was to remove her entire wound before it spreads and affects other parts of her body .

They requested for an immediate surgery, and her entire womb was removed. She never suspected anything. She only knew that the miscarriage was due to the long distant journey that we undertook, and probably of stress. The Doctors informed us that Josiane would never be able to get pregnant in her life time.

I had pushed her to commit chronic abortion, which she did not know. My mother who was the master planner of this evil was the first person to reject her and called her barren, years after I had become a man and needed a wife. She swore that I won't marry Josiane, or better that I will marry her over her death body. Her threat was filled with venom, and no one ever dared go against her.

I jilted Josiane, shattered her heart and her life, and left her to face the open cruelty of this world. She cried, begged me, and probably cursed me as well-

Months later, I started dating Mireille, a girl from Bafang in the Western Region, and she got pregnant for me, and within five years, she gave me three children, a set of twin boys and a little girl. Mireille mysteriously fell ill and was later diagnosed with a cancer, that took her life in a short space of time.

Immediately, her family came to my house, and seized my children, giving me a date they were to remove her corpse and bury her. They said if I had to keep the children and bury Mireille in my family compound, I must marry her corpse traditionally. Mireille and I had legalized our marriage, but I was to pay her bide price before she took ill.

The Bafang people complicated my life, and gave me a list of things to put down on the dowry, plus a cash price of 1 million Francs. I was forced to comply, not only because it was their tradition, but also because I wanted to bury Mireille in my family compound for the sake  of  our children.

While I was preparing her funeral, I was equally preparing her dowry. The eve to the removal of the corpse, my family and I bought everything they listed, closely to 700.000F CFA, plus the 1 million Francs cash in an envelop, and went to their village for the traditional marriage.

That night, they rejected the whisky we bought, saying it was cheap, and rejected the 2 blankets that they were locally made. They insisted I bring everything down, or else I forget the corpse of Mireille and my children. 

My family paid an additional 65.000 F CFA cash to make up for the blankets and a bottle of whisky, even though they didn't return the ones they rejected.

The next day, I was given the permission to handle Mireille's funeral and to own it as my wife. Thank God, I did what I could, and finally buried her in my family compound in the village.

Image result for images of a regretting black man

Three years after my family insisted I get married to our tribes girl, and though I was reluctant, I had to accept because I needed someone to help me with the upbringing of my children.

My mother introduced me to her friend's daughter Jane, and I quickly married her legally and traditionally. Jane became my worst night mare. Since she was working in a bank, she had her money, never bothered to stay at home with my children, and instead got a house-help to substitute her in domestic activities.

She was hostile to the children, and each time I complained, she will have a reason to give and have her way out. Her family started accusing me of eating her money, but I persevered with her, until she got pregnant, delivered a baby boy, and started asking me to make her son the king over his elders.

We had so many unresolved issues, until our son fell ill. All my efforts in the  hospital did not help. Mireille's mother asked her to bring the child to the village and when they went, the child died three days later. 

All hell got loose. I was accused of killing my own son, and this sparked an inter-family war between our both families, until she moved out of my house.

Jane continued to provoke me even while we were already apart, and she later fell ill.  She suffered for almost a year, and finally died. Her family wanted me off her everything, and even though she bore my name, the family refused me of participating in anything.

We had signed joined properties, and the bank in which she worked with was supposed to pay some money for the funeral, but her family blocked everything and asked me to return her corpse to them and collect the bride price I paid in return.

We held series of meetings with some elders in the village, but all these proved futile, as they were adamant of refunding my bride price. They calculated everything I spent to dowry her, plus the cash of 300.000 FCFA, and returned it back to me and my family, and took their daughter's corpse and buried.

All these unfortunate incidents sparked problem between me and my mother, whom I frankly told was the author of my misfortune. She advised that I go look for Josiane and apologised to her, and if possible convince her to marry me if she was still single.

I went to Josiane's village, and was only showed a heap of ground, where her bones laid beneath. She had died out of frustration without forgiving me, and I couldn't tell her family the truth of everything.

Today am afraid to get married. I don't know what will happen if I marry a third wife. Maybe I should just remain single for the rest of my days. Maybe it's the law of karma hunting me, maybe it's nemesis catching up with me, but for how long? Haven't I paid more than enough? 

Please as you read this story, I know I deserve no sympathy, but please pray for me. Thank you".

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