Thursday, 1 September 2016

Female alligator hunter catches record-breaking 13ft-long reptile in Mississippi river

A female hunter has caught a record-breaking 13ft alligator in a Mississippi river. Tiffany Wienke had only been hunting the animals twice before she snared the beast, which weighed a huge 311kg (49st), on Saturday night. She was with a party of six, who had been searching the waters for 20 hours, when they ran into the 13 feet and 7/8 inch-long alligator at Bayou Pierre. The creature is just one-eighth of an inch longer than the previous record.

Tiffany told MS News Now : "He ran us - literally crashed us into some trees, and bank-to-bank.

"He was pulling this boat full of people like it was nothing."
She said that to get the alligator in the boat its head had to be curled up in one corner with its tail reaching all the way up to the other side and resting up on the opposite deck.

She added: "We're completely content with the fact that this will probably be the biggest alligator that we'll ever catch."

The Mississippi Department, Fisheries and Parks have encouraged hunters to continue searching the waters for more alligators despite the record-breaking find. They confirmed the record on their Facebook page

Writing a post, it said: "New record length male alligator on public waters taken by the hunting party of Tiffany Wienke from Vicksburg, MS. It beat the previous record by just 1/8".
"The alligator measures 13' 7 7/8" and weighed 686 lbs with a belly girth of 59" and tail girth of 43". 

It was taken from Bayou Pierre in the SW Zone."

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