Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cameroonian torments the Head of State in New York, a Biya Military man caught with a Diplomatic Passport

CODE-USA manifesting infront of President Biya's Hotel in New York

Reports says the Head of State Paul Biya still traumatised by what happened to him on Tuesday Sept. 20 in New York.

According to Jet Camer, the leaders of the Diaspora under the auspices of CODE-USA, have decided to make the Head of State's stay to the US a memorable nightmare.
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Protesters infront of  Hotel Waldorf Astoria, where the Presdent and Delegation are lodged

Cameroonians from across the US, gathered infront of Hotel Waldorf Astoria New York, where the Head of State and his Delegation are lodged, to manifest their discontentment of Mr. Biya's long stay in power. They had decorated cars with messages to discredit the Head of State, as well as placards carrying the information they were conveying.

The vehicles were circulating round the hotel in the eyes of curious Americans, who were eager to find out what was happening. 


Olivier B. Tchongouang and his Assistant Martine Estel Tcheuga who were leading the CODE-USA Delegation from Washington, explained to onlookers and passer-bys all that is happening in Cameroon, and how Mr. Biya and his Government have transformed Cameroon into their personal property. 

They accused the Head of State of violation of fundamental human rights, restricting manifestations, ritual crimes, corruption, nepotism, favoritism, unfair justice etc...

Writings on the protest vehicles

While this was peacefully going on, some Cameroon Military guys infiltrated the group and brought in violence and started destroying the protesting vehicles, tearing the posters that were on the vehicles and destroying placards. All these, to create disorder so that the genuine protest will look like a violent scene.

When protesters started fighting them back, the said intruders, three in number, tried to escape,  but one of them was caught and handcuffed by the American police that was at the scene, to ensure that the manifestations were carried out without violence.
American Police arresting the Biya Military guy

This scapegoat who was caught had a diplomatic passport on him, and this gave the American authorities an insight of what is happening in Cameroon. He was dragged to the police station for questioning.

At this discovery, all CPDM militants on the site were asked by the police the move out of that location.

The protest activities resumed,  with the singing of the Nation Anthem, a prayer of blessing and protection for Cameroon and Cameroonians, by Miss Marie Veronique Wonkam.

This was followed by a  protest hymn "BIYA CRIMINAL", and this song brought a new ambiance infront of the hotel, as they sang for a while before finally settling down for the real deal.

The main speaker of the day was Francis Platini, who animated the protest agenda from start to finish. 


CODE-USA Human Rights Activist Janel Martial Siewe spoke about the debt rate that President Biya had contracted to carry out huge projects, that he will use as his campaign strength for the forthcoming 2018 Presidential elections.

The Head of the Women's Delegation of CODE-USA Mme Minkam W. Odette Sandra spoke about the barbaric acts on Leaders of Political parties like Edith Kah Walla of CPP and Alain Fogue of MRC, and called on all Cameroonian women to stand for Monique KOUMATEKE and fight against the Biya's regime.

All of their speeches were geared to one direction: "To push President Biya out of Power, by not allowing him to run for the 2018 Presidentials".

After their speeches, they started again with march pass round the hotel, singing the Anti-Biya "BIYA CRIMINAL" hymn, to end their mission infront of the hotel for that day.

Meanwhile, the BLACK FRIDAYS will continue, and the Diaspora assembled in New York through their Speaker Michel Nwamba of CODE called on all patriotic diaspora to set aside their individual differences to develop their relations on the Focal Points. The same call was made to all Cameroonian opposition.

A similar demonstration will be scheduled in the coming days.


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