Thursday, 22 September 2016

Brangelina Split - Angelina Jolie “Cheated On Brad Pitt With A Woman” Claim NOT True

Angelina Jolie Cheated Brad Pitt

A story claiming Angelina Jolie “cheated on Brad Pitt with a woman” is absolutely NOT true. Gossip Cop can expose the twisted lie.

The allegation comes from MediaTakeOut, which blares in a headline on Thursday, “According to REPORTS… Angelina Jolie May Have Been CHEATING On Brad Pitt… With A WOMAN…Here Are PICS Of Angelina’s ALLEGED Side Chick!!!” The accompanying story asserts, “According to the website Radar Online, Brad Pitt’s marriage may be over because ANGIE was cheating — with a woman.”

So here’s what’s actually going on: MediaFakeOut saw the RadarOnline report that was headlined, “Brad Betrayed! Angelina’s Secret Phone Calls To Lesbian Lover EXPOSED.” AsGossip Cop noted earlier, the post was about Jolie allegedly contacting ex-girlfriend Jenny Shimizu to tell her about the divorce. NOTHING was said about the two women having an affair during Jolie’s marriage to Pitt.

And, in RadarOnline’s defense (yes, we’re really saying that), NOTHING was said about Shimizu being Jolie’s “side chick,” either. MediaFakeOut jumped to these conclusions on its own, twisting the original story into a big lie. Even its own commenters pointed out how the outlet screwed up.

“Where does it say that she cheated on Brad?” asked one reader, while another wrote, “Mto didn’t clearly read the story before making a title for it.” The bottom is line is that Jolie has NOT been accused of cheating on Pitt with a woman, unless you go by MediaTakeOut. And they got this all wrong.

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