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"Achaley, I knew you for who you were, and you left the way you were. I will never forget you". Starboy Achaley's Communication Manager pays tribute to his fallen hero

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                                              Piffo Robinson

In the heat of the tug of war between Prudence Wasso, mother of late Starboy Achaley and his Manager Piffo Robinson, HTL(Henriette Thatcher's Lounge) met with Piffo Robinson(PR), and you will be surprised at how well they interacted

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Piffo Robinson, I am a Cameroonian, born in Bangante on the 15 of 
September 1991,   student in Public Relations and Business Communications, TV and            Radio Presenter, Community Manager and producer of artists.

How did you come in contact with Achaley?

I know Achaley for almost 5 years today. We met on the social network precisely  on             Facebook, and we developed a purely professional relationship. It is true we did not              meet on regular basis, but when we met, it was just for professional reasons. From             time to time I was advising him. The last time we met was when he was shooting his             clip for Ebolo at Nkolbissong in Yaounde

For how long have you been working with him?

Our relationship was purely professional, that is I conceived Communication strategies    
 for his new project. For the 'Ebolo' clip  which is presently on youtube. I was in charge       of Communication, i.e how to present the and impose this music to the population. We       had already started, and I had conceived the Communication plan and also the           
Media planning, but unfortunately he took ill, and fell in the cold hands of death. "man proposes       and God disposes" So my job was communicating on the product.

How do you intend to complete this project now that he is dead?

Achaley was a very private person, and I don't know about all of his activities and 
his works or other projects, but all I know is that I will do everything possible to pay 
him a grandiose homage. I  am thinking of organizing a memorial concert before his     
burial, so that artists in Yaounde can pay him homage. That is all I can do. It is true 
that I have been contacted by a distribution house- Hope Music Group, to make the best 
top of his music and distribute all over the world. Money generated from this 
will be given to his family, and a contract will be signed with the Labeling company and 
  his family.   That's all for now

Why did you disrespect his mother?

I don't think I disrespected his mother, because it was a matter of handling communication  during crisis. There are three alternatives in managing communication in the face of crisis . Either you approve what is said, or you wave it aside  or disprove and reveal the truth, which is what I did, and I started with all due respect, "Dear mother..." I didn't also just stand up to single handedly do the video, I had the approval of the woman who raised Achaley up to a certain level Mme Colette Bovelette. You can tell a mother "stop what you are doing because it's wrong". It doesn't mean you are disrespecting or hurting her feelings. When my mother something I consider wrong, I  reproach her. So it was not any sort of disrespect towards her.

What advise would you give to parents who don't address situations when they happen, and who decides to speak up when things have gone out of hand like Achaley's case?

The advise I will give is simple. Be close to your children, follow-up your children daily, no matter where they are, make sure that you speak with then after every two or three days, that way, many things can change. It's so different when you get a call from your mother especially when you are far from each other. It gives so much joy. Be close to your children, that way you will know who truly they are.

What Message would you leave to honour your colleague's memory?

'Achaley, I knew you for who you were, and you left the way you were.  I will never forget you. I will never forget the beautiful moments we spent during the shooting in Yaounde, our jokes on Facebook where you kept telling me "Manager, Manager please leave me" These words are still ringing in my ears. I will never forget that you were a very nice person If I have done any thing right or wrong since you died, I did it from the bottom of my heart. I didn't make up anything, and I was not manipulated. Go and Rest in Peace Achaley'.

Watch his last clip EBOLO

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