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"A step to death" - Part One

Dear readers, the story we have today is one that is confusing, frustrating, frightful, unbelievable but true. Due to the length of the story, we have partitioned it into two parts so that you will get bored.

These churches we see on screen daily, the devils that manifests, the casting out of demons, the prophecies and their fulfillment, the live miracles and the loud tithe preaching are all moving and living forces of the under world.  

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"Dear friends, I am Ashu Raymond, a resident in  Kumba. What am about to reveal, is not to demoralise your faith or make you not to believe that evils spirits or miracles do exist. I have decided to speak out, because so many people are still treading that path, which is destructive, and souls keep increasing the fuel of hell.

The word of God is True if you believe and live it. But if you seek more than the word of God, you will meet the devil in person like I did, and if you are not fortunate, you will meet your end.

At the age of 14, I began dreaming and seeing visions, and most of the things I saw in dreams were unfolded in the reality, but my parents said I was an ogbanje(some one considered to have 4 eyes or negative double spiritual eyes), and they took me to so many native doctors to block me from having visions, but it didn't work.

When I grew up and started sleeping with women, my visions began reducing, and my dream power lessened, so I discovered that I had a date with Lord, and started dreaming of becoming a real man of God. 

I joined the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, because at that time I was a Catholic Christian. My Spiritual life grew bigger and better, but what I was trusting God for, didn't came when I wanted, so I decided to take the gifts in me, and make money for myself. 

I started by doing visions for people, and every vision I made turned out to be genuine.

Frank my best friend who is presently in Germany advised that I prepared a price list, and put a notice board for my new found business. Because my visions were accurate, I billed visions at 2.500F CFA, and soon I became popular. People began calling even from abroad to see their situations and advised possible solutions.

Thanks to Frank's advise,  I liaised with one Pastor, who seemed to be stronger than me. I could only see your problems, present, past, future, as well as your happiness, but what I couldn't do was to provide solutions to the problems, or how to to make you walk fast to your happy destiny.

This Pastor told me he needed a visionary for his church, and I told him I needed a solution provider for my customers. So I automatically became the Assistant pastor of his church, and we began operating signs and wonders. 

When a client calls or come to me to visit his situation, I will tell you everything about your life, and ask you to come or call back later so that I will tell you what needed to be done about your situation, and provide a remedy. That way, I will have time to explain to Pastor Mbi Solomon, who will write a list of things to be bought for your cleansing and breakthrough.

We functioned well with Pastor Mbi, but since he was responsible for prayers and making miracles to happen, he began cheating me of the profits. We had an office, and all finances were being registered. We could easily make 3 million Francs a month from our Christians whom I called clients, after deducting all operational expenses, but Pastor Mbi will give me only 500.000F CFA, and keep the rest under the pretext that he paid the bills and did the greater job.

The last straw that got me out and searching was when a certain Branch Bank Manager came to see us.  I had to do vision for him. In my vision, I saw that he had embezzled so much money from the bank, and that within days, he will not only loss his job, but will also be thrown into prison. 

That day we were with pastor Mbi. The Manager confirmed everything I said, and told us that he had already received a query letter to that effect, and was expected to appear before the Board of Directors, where he will meet his end. 
He was so frightened that he promised us that if we helped him out of his situation, he would pay us 10 million Francs, and give us one of his buildings to relocate our church . At that, Pastor Mbi told him to wipe off his tears, and to come back with 100.000F CFA plus the query that the bank had served him at 10 p.m. 

9:00 P.M, the Bank Manager was in front of the church with his wife dead worried. He came one hour earlier but Pastor Mbi received him, took him to the Covenant Room, and brought him back to the church. He asked the Bank Manager to come back as early as 6.a.m the next day for some prayers that he will use before entering his office.The man came back as agreed and left for work. 

Two days later he came  to see us, and this time with his car, and a check of 10 million Francs He didn't loses his job, despite all the evidence of his embezzlement. He had been instead promoted to the position of the Regional Manager of the Bank, with a service car and a well furnished duplex. He gave the house as promised, and paid to get all the transfer formalities to Pastor Mbi's name.

Pastor Mbi cashed the check and gave me 2 million francs out of the 10 million, and immediately relocated to the new house, while I was still renting. We argued about the money and the house until he added me 500. 000F CFA, and asked me that we part ways.

I had been trying to understand what he does to make miracles like that happened, until I decided to search and find. There was certain man Okoro, who came from Nigeria every month with a bag of some spiritual articles that Pastor Mbi used, but when he had emergency and was out of stock, he would pay a flight for the man to come.

I contacted Okoro, who asked me to meet him in Abuja. I got to Nigeria, and stayed in a hotel  for two weeks, and surprisingly Okoro opted to foot all my expenses while in Nigeria. He knew why I had came, and told me that what I have in me was too big for me to be poor. 

He was an Overseer in a big  church as well and said that he would help me become mega and renowned within months, if only I will comply and pass the test. I was determined to get rich and renown, and the determination he saw in me made him trust me.

After two weeks in the hotel, he took me to one of his flats, in an executive residential area, where I had maids and servants at my bed and call. After two nights in that flat, he told me that I have past the preliminary screening of what I was aiming at becoming, and so he told me the story.

Okoro started quoting !"The Kingdom of God suffereth violent and only the violent can take it by force" Matthew 11.12. He explained that the world belonged to the smart and that 75% of the world is dominated by people on winning side. "The highs and lows are on our side, the mountains and the sea depths co-operate with us, and man's life, we can manipulate to our favour" he said. "But you need courage brother, and that courage is what will give you the thing you desire" he added.

He said we shall begin my formation that night, and for anything to be revealed to me, I must go under an oath of blood, where I was to trade my silence for my life. He boldly explained to me that I can control the wind and any situation I want, so I decided to enter into an oath of blood.

The oath of blood was done at midnight in a shrine that appeared to be a floating boat, with stairways into the depth of the sea. Fear cropped me, but Okoro encouraged me that there would be no harm. So I descended the staircase, down to the depth of the sea, crossing different check points, by different people with different signboards.

Okoro was so familiar with everything there that he waved his hands in approval of my visit, until we met king and queen lucifer. The meeting was long, and before the end, I had seen the unseen. 

First of all, A sharp metal piece was used to cut my wrist to collect about 35cl of blood, The blood was poured into a 1000 liter drum filled with blood, and a cup pulled out of the mixture for me to drink. There was no turning point. I was hooked in the grip of my over ambition, and "a step to death".

I had no choice than to drink the blood of oath, while declaring that "If I ever open my mouth to reveal what I see or hear while under this oath, may my blood flow into this drum from which am drinking". I drank a calabash of the mixed blood, and immediately, I began seeing wonders.

Okoro and I left the under waters back to the land, and I discovered my heart had become different. Okoro took me to his church, and prophesy that there would be a car crash in a certain locality, and 30 people where to die. He said christians should pray.

Two days later, his prophecy came true. 30 people lost their life in a car crash, and the congregation shouted Praise the Lord. I asked him why the prayers the congregation made did not stop the accident. he answered "the prophecy must come to pass so that people would believe more in me". I asked how. He explained that 75% of the world belonged to the devil, and that once he gives a prophecy, our lucifer will send his agents to accomplish it, so that he gets the blood he needs, and more followers for him.

Within that time, another prophet through his life broadcasting service said there will a deadly flood in one Asia country, and two weeks later, it happened. Okoro said the prophet was one of us, and for there to be flood, lucifer's undersea agents would have to steer the sea and wind, and make it happen.

Then I began understanding the business. He groomed me for three months, and I started operating without supervision. Most people of influence are our main sponsors and customers, politicians, businessmen, diplomats, even some presidents are members of one cult or the other, where we are members as well.

We didn't only destroy, but we gave people what they wanted with after consequences. When a childless couple came to us for prayers, the goddess of fertility will be contacted, and she will give us a whitish water like soluble, that we dilute in water and give out as anointing water.

When the woman gets pregnant and delivers, our dark angels will collect the first blood she sends out during delivery and take to the blood drum under the sea, that way, that child is dedicated to us, and through that child, we can destroy whoever and whatever is in the child's lineage.

Once another prophet prophecied on a plane crash in europe. The targetted plane had onboard one of our strong members, and when the agent went to strike, he saw our mark, and recognised the person, who was of high rank in the sect. Both men agreed that he put fire in the engine of the plane instead, so tehat it will land and people will survive. That is why only six people died during that incident, and they accredited the survivors to the prayers of the congregation.

I operated my first miracle on a girl who was possessed by one of our demons, and so when she came to Okoro's church, I asked the demon to leave in our language and the girl got delivered.

That was how I stayed in Nigeria for a year, acquiring more skills, getting to levels of excel in the cult, and had all I needed to open a church and perform wonders.

One thing tickled me. Okoro had not travelled to see Pastor Mbi, and when I asked him why, he said he had expected that question earlier but didn't want to say anything as he was observing my vigilance.

He explained that Pastor Mbi had been sanctioned by the hierarchies, because he failed to comply with an assignment that was given to him. He said there was a lady whose prayers were affecting the progress of the cult, and he was staying next to her in the house the bank manager gave him. Since he had a connecting seal in his covenant room, that lady who is a widow's prayers, blocked communications between the seal and the power source authorities.

He was asked to eliminate the lady, by getting her into his net and destroying her. Instead when he went to the widow, he lusted for one of her daughters, and slept with her in a period of ritual and abstinence, failing the law, and giving more power to the girl. 

In the cult when we have sex with ladies which we do often, but on appointed days and time., we use an ointment on your penis so that you can take away every shining star in the girl. That way she will be possessed, and it will be easier to use her as we want. Other than that, you will have to go under some purification ritual, or get sanctioned.

Depending on the spiritual strength of the woman you sleep with, your sanction will be from withdrawal of your powers temporarily of permanently, creating chaos in your congregation, sacrifice of  1000 liters of blood fro people you will be made to kill,  to taking your own life away or destroy you with incurable illnesses.

Pastor Mbi's congregation was put under chaos and scandal, and his power withdrawn, and so he lost all his followers, his wife was killed, and till date, he is struck with mental disturbance. He had no one to plead in his favour.

I came back to Cameroon, opened my own house of worship, and registered a total of 1000 followers during my first six months. I performed an outstanding miracle, when a certain a man was charged to court for murder, and his family came to me. That night I went to my covenant room, invoked the goddess who governs court cases, she appeared and gave me the way forward.

I went to court the next and used my powers to hypnotise everybody including the magistrate, and my client was discharged and acquitted, and his accusers made to pay him some money. This miracle spread wide and near, and people especially women began flocking my ministry."

To be continue - Don't miss the end tomorrow on this same page

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