Thursday, 25 August 2016

What is wrong with Cameroon's Presidential Couple and Household? Where is Ma Chantou?

Image result for images of Cameroon's Presidential couple
After the Head of State President Biya left the country yesterday for yet another Brief Private stay in Europe, Cameroonians exploded the social medias to inquire of what was wrong with him and his family.

Since Brenda's last scandal in the US, where it was alledged she chased her mum out of her resident with a knife, little has been heard or seen of her mom Mme Chantal Biya.

Image result for images of Cameroon's Presidential couple

Speculations hold that Head of State's health is not at its best, and probably explains the reasons for his constant brief stays in Europe.

His wife Mme Chantal Biya has been out of scene since May 26th this year, months after her nysterious disapperarance.

Like every other family, they too might have their own wahalas, but we pray their disappearance does not re-emerge with bad news of scandal- PEACE

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