Sunday, 7 August 2016

U17 AFCON - Madagascar 2017 - The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon qualifies by Thrashing their Kenya counterpart 7-0

‎Madagascar 2017 - Cameroun? 7-0 ‎Kenya: les lionceaux explosifs

It was one of the most interesting shows put ever put up by the Under 17 Lions squad on the pitch. 

Zakava of Team#237 opened the scores at the 19th minute of the march, and before the Junior Harambe stars of Kenya could cool the sweat of that goal, Zobo put in a second one in the 21st minute, signaling a warning to the Kenyan's that their boots were loose tight and needed fastening.

The game changed phase, as both teams were opting for a GREEN CARD, when Bella pushed a hard shot in the 34th minute, before Abessollo confused the spectators at the 39th minute, while Capitain Ndjio made it more fun, by introducing goal number 5 at the 42nd minute.

5-0 was the score before the first half of in favour of the Green, Red, Yellow flag bearers.

5 minutes into the second half, Captain Ndjio  made another pleasant move, before Bella scored the last of the 7th goal at the 67th minute.

The match ended with a penalty in favour of the Kenyans, who unfortunately could not breakthrough the Lions den.

At the blast of the Referee's final whistle, it was a 7-0 defeat, to close the doors of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium, that hosted the match which was previously booked for Bafoussam, but last minute changes  that came as a result of technical crisis, made FECAFOOT to privilege the Limbe stadium

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