Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This wooden book requires you to solve a puzzle to turn every page

Puzzle designer Brady Whitney’s Codex Silenda  is a wooden book secially designed such that you’ll need to solve a complex mechanical puzzle on each one before you can turn to the next. With only has five pages and made entirely of laser-cut wood, the Codex Silenda is half book and half mind-boggling challenge. 

Within its pages is a short story about an apprentice in Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop who stumbles across a similar tome, except the version they find is actually a trap created by the artist that you’ll need to help them solve in order to escape. But don’t worry, the only thing truly at risk is your own sanity as you work through the Codex’s five unique puzzles. 

The Codex Silenda isn’t just some custom creation for you to drool over, however. Whitney plans to actually mass-produce the book—in a limited run—using a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that’s already raised more than three times its original $30,000 funding goal.

More pictures of the book after the cut

You can pre-order a copy for yourself  but that only gets you all of the laser-cut wooden pieces sometime in late December. You’ll have to assemble the codex yourself because all of the $150 pre-assembled versions have already been spoken for

Source: AndrewLiszewski

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