Monday, 1 August 2016

Restaurant owner forced to eat the cockroach a customer found in his food

A diner at a restaurant in China forced the establishment's owner to eat a cockroach after he found the insect in his food. The man ordered a plate of fried noodles from the restaurant on July 25 in Changsha, Hunan province, and claimed he discovered the insect in his meal. 

According to People's Daily Online, at that point, the customer gave the restaurant owner an ultimatum, either they eat the cockroach or cough up 5,000 yuan (£569). The shopkeeper, instantly eat the cockroach and refused to cough up the cash. However the man still kept asking the woman for money, demanding that she pay him some kind of compensation for his bad experience. The woman refused. 

According to reports, the restaurant had been running for 11 years and had never encountered problems like this before. Some workers at the restaurant claim that they thought they were being blackmailed. 

One worker was fighting tears to the camera when she said that her boss had been forced to eat the insect. On July 26, the Food and Drug Administration visited the restaurant for an inspection. They found that the restaurant was using outdated equipment and did not have the facilities to rid the establishment of flies or rats. The administration asked the restaurant to close for five days so that they could make the necessary changes.

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