Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pensioner wants to donate his life savings to his DOG after he dies

A 71-year-old man has decided that he wants to donate his life savings to help care for his pet dog. Wang Jungwu, from Harbin, China, lost both his wife and his son early in life. Since then, he's only been accompanied by his pet dog, Er Fu, according to People's Daily Online.

But with failing health, he's made the difficult decision to leave everything in his will to his sole companion for the last 11 years.

Wang contacted a local dog shelter in Harbin last week to make a donation of 80,000 Yuan (£8,000).He told staff at the charity that, with failing health, he's increasingly worried about his dog.The pensioner revealed a tragic tale where his only son died in a traffic accident, aged just six.

Soon after, his wife also passed away.

Wang, who's partially paralysed and suffers from various health issues, including problems with his heart, has been living on his own since.

But 11 years ago, he decided to buy a puppy, which he named Er Fu.The pair have been inseparable ever since.

Liu Li, manager of the shelter, was so touched by the story that she offered to look after the dog without accepting the donationJust days later, Wang ended up in hospital as his condition deteriorated.

Even while attached to a drip, he was determined to return home to feed his beloved Er Fu.

His story received mixed reactions on social media.

Source: Daily Mail

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