Saturday, 13 August 2016

Names of Cameroonian scammers caught in Bangladesh for money laundering

Faymania: Cameroonian Conmen arrested in Black Money Scam in Bangladesh

If you have a bushfaller of a brother, husband or friend in Bangladesh whose phone number has recently gone dumb, please check the photo above and the names below for identificaion.

They are: Abdou Nassara, 35, Jean Claude, 40, Gonou
Desire, 37, Mimba Serges, 37, Kambiwa Dieunedort, 43, Moguem Solo, 42 and Tiadeu Barnard, 34.

They were caught with an unexplicable amount of fake dollars and Bangladeshi currency, 

They propose to their victims that they can wash and double any amount of money, and carry out a sample test, where they used real money and blindfold their victims into believing that the manipulations can be done on any amount of money, to make them wealthy.

Unfortunately for them, they came to the end of the road, and might spend long years behind bars in Bangladesh, one of the world's most corrupt countries.

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